Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Just thinking about Christmas

I'm so thrilled that it is almost Christmas. I plan on making it the best Christmas ever! OK, maybe not ever because C man still has  at least 15 years of Christmas Bliss with us.  I am on a mission to create an Advent calendar. First, I am researching, perusing Pinterest for ideas. Second, I am picking out my ideas for the Advent Calendar.Third, I will create my calendar.

My idea is to take a cork board and find Christmas fabric or take some cardboard and cover it with Christmas fabric or paint it.  I will glue glittered clothes pins to the board. I am in the stage of glittering the clothes pins. C man is trying to help me, but he is making more of a mess than successfully helping me. The clothes pins will be covered in green, white, and red glitter.
Reminder to self: Much better way to glitter clothespins than what I did.

I found some Christmas coloring pictures online and printed them out for C man to color, so that he can take  part in creating the calendar.  These pictures will be glued to envelopes, numbered 1 - 25. Inside of the envelopes will be Advent activities, some will be done at home and others will be done in the community.  I will use the clothes pins to hold the envelopes.

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