About Us

There was once this shy girl, who was busy studying for classes or constantly working in retail.  After being diagnosed with follicular carcinoma of the thyroid (cancer) in 2007. The shy girl decided it was time for a change and began  living life to its fullest. 
There was a boy, who was outgoing and very friendly. He recently moved from Kansas City, MO to Lafayette, LA with his parents.  Little did the two know, but they had quite a few friends in common. After meeting through mutual friends the two became friends as well.
 After a year of being friends, the two began to talk. Talking then lead to dating and the rest is history.
In 2009, the two had a child together. C man was born in the month of August. 

I am still in school pursuing a degree in Elementary Education, while Branden works full time.  I am four years cancer free. Our son is learning and growing so quickly it amazes us everyday.