Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Oh my the time has flown by. We have been busy potty training. It is not going. Today, C man refused to sit on the potty. I had errands to run today so I put a diaper on him. I feel defeated in the potty training area right now. 

The temperature here in Louisiana has reached the 100s. Yep, the 100s. Everyday, we have heat warnings. This causes us to stay inside, which sucks because C man is so  active. I can only hold his interest for so long until he is on to the next thing.  In our apartment, we have a large sliding glass door. I let C man color on it with markers. He lasted 10 minutes at most. Then I let him paint, that lasted 15 minutes.  Trying to be screen free is hard when you live in an apartment and temperatures are ridiculous. At night, he plays outside for an hour with the girls next door. He loves them. He is and will be my social butterfly.

I've been making a list of books to read as we get closed to the terrible threes, even though I feel like we have been in the terrible twos for so long.

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